Sleep/wake button (top right of iPad)
Touch once – put to sleep
Hold down – power off

Manually force quit apps (this will save your battery)!
Double tap home button (round circle on front), hold down one app and hit “-“ button on each
This saves your battery on iPad, iPhone and iPod

Rebooting – normally
Hold down sleep/wake until red slider appears
Hold down sleep/wake button to reboot

Force reboot
Hold down sleep/wake button and home button simultaneously until apple appears

Screen Shot
Simultaneously hold down sleep and home button and release
Screen shot goes to your camera app

Adding School Mail Settings
Settings>Mail>Add Account>Exchange
email (your email)
Domain - cls-edu Server (if needed)
Username - your username
Password - your password

Saving your battery
Close open apps as described above - manually force quit apps
Keep iDevice out of the sun
Reduce the screen brightness
Turn off as quickly as you can when not using
Settings>General>Auto-lock>2 minutes
Use airplane mode if you are typing a doc, using a game, not using Internet
At least once a month, fully discharge and recharge the battery

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